Multi-Faith Day of Prayer for Climate:

Dates: 22nd to 24th September, 2017

For many years, humans have pillaged our Earth’s resources beyond our own needs to satisfy our self centered and unsustainable lifestyle leading to continuous decline in the world’s biodiversity and increasing global warming contributing to a changing climate. Our selfish attitudes and unsustainable habits has become the norm further fueling the disconnect between us and God’s Creation. (Us to God and us to God’s creation – the land, the ocean, the skies, marines and terrestrial species, vegetation and among ourselves)
The stewardship, ethical and moral obligation of mankind to act as responsible care-takers of the earth, and to preserve its health and resources for future generations is fundamental and universal to all religious and faith based organisations across the globe. Hence religious and faith-based organisations are in special positions of influence to unite and mobilize 85% of the global population to develop public consensus around the moral illegitimacy of the status quo on Climate Change and to build moral support and spiritual guidance to catapult climate action at all levels of society.

The Multi-Faith Day of Prayer aims to:
• To unite, people of Fiji and the Pacific (Global), from all walks of life through faith and prayer to give thanks, seek divine guidance and moral support for the mammoth task to save our Planet Earth from Climate Change as a gift for our Children and planet
• To reinforce and reaffirm our moral obligations as Custodians and Stewards of Planet Earth to live in a harmonious relationship with nature, to act as responsible care-takers of the earth, and to preserve its health and resources for future generations.

Proposed Activities:

1. As a Faith Based Organization:
decide if they commit their special day or worship (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) or allocate a day over the weekend that is appropriate. Leaders in each organization can decide to use the prayer points or to articulate a sermon or presentation on climate change and our shared responsibilities as God’s people.

2. As a family:
Have a family evening – meet the family without distraction. For 1 to 3 hours TURN OFF unnecessary/non-essential lights, TV, Phones, computers and games and discuss the impacts of climate change , discuss and agree as a family, steps each member will take as part of a carbon fast, and finish with an opportunity to pray for family, community, country and the planet.

Guidance for Prayer:

1. Confessions – We acknowledge that humanity has been entrusted with the stewardship of this planet, our trees, gardens, rivers, oceans and all the living creatures that depend on its nurture. We confess that we have been poor stewards and have abused and destroyed the abundant resources left in our care and continued to live beyond our mean unsustainably. Confess that our unsustainable lifestyles have led to the impacts we see today – climate change and massive loss of species – our fish, corals, wild creatures, jungles and forests and clean water sources.

Ask for forgiveness and the strength to rise up as a church, a community, as individuals and as nations to take action for a sustainable planet and sustainable lifestyles.

2. Pray for those who have suffered from recent disasters – hurricanes, floods, droughts, loss of homes, loss of loved ones, forced migration. We pray for their storm to be over and they find peace and consolation

3. Pray for to be prepared to face the upcoming threats of climate change – we know we are on the frontline and that the likelihood of bigger storms, rising waves and dwindling water supplies is a reality – we pray for mercy and for the ability to prepare well with our families and communities to ride these storms and live happy lives.
4. Pray for the children and future generations – that they will live in a restored and rejuvenated planet with clean air, abundant food, pure water and thriving with life.

5. Pray for the global community – those who reap and consume our diminishing resources, those who their folly and stand in solidarity with us – across the planet and join hands in action for a better future for our children and our planet.

6. Pray for our Prime Minister – and his role as President of COP23. For wisdom, for strength, for humility and authority – that he can exude leadership and drive a new and strong agenda at COP23

7. Pray for the COP23 team – for wisdom and strength through the negotiations and to lead with grace and courage.