Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) Conference II – 2018

A Pacific Talanoa for Resilience, Ambition and Urgency


What is the Pacific Partnership?

Established under the COP23 Presidency in July 2017, CAPP is a coalition of Pacific stakeholders from various thematic and cross-cutting areas, supported by regional and international partners, joined by their commitment to accelerate climate action in the Pacific and support international efforts to achieve the emissions reduction target set by the Paris Agreement.

What’s Next for CAPP?

Pacific island countries and territories, as well as donor countries, have expressed their desire for the CAPP to continue beyond Fiji’s COP23 Presidency. Fiji will work hard in the coming months to establish this legacy for the Pacific.


The Pacific Gathers to Talanoa for Resilience, Ambition and Urgency

The Pacific Talanoa gathered together Pacific island leaders, representatives from regional neighbours, Pacific business, Pacific civil society, science and the global investment community.

Media and Climate Change in the Pacific

The Pacific Environment Journalist Network, launched at COP23, participated in a workshop “Strengthening Media Capacity on Climate Change Reporting in the Pacific Islands” on the eve of the CAPP conference.

Pacific NDC Hub

The Pacific Nationally Determined Contributions Hub (Pacific NDC Hub) marked an important milestone during the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Conference. Representatives from ten Pacific Island Countries met on the margins of the event to make important decisions about the establishment of the hub, which will likely be fully operational next year.

Blue Pledge

On the margins of the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Conference, leading Pacific pearl farmers issued a “Blue Pledge” that aims to unify the pearling industry around the need to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans and climate, as well as inspire communities and consumers to engage with these important issues.

Pacific Transport Forum

The Pacific Transport Forum was announced at the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Conference to help transform national transport sectors in the Pacific.

Stories of Resilience, Ambition and Urgency

Patrick Suckling, Australian Ambassador for the Environment

Emele Duituturaga, PIANGO Executive Director

Hon. David PaulMinister-in-Assistance-to-the-President and Environment Minister of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

From our Partners

“You have shown terrific leadership – unbelievable – and you’re really kicking some serious butt.” – Former California Governor and Climate Advocate Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The Talanoa Dialogue is important not only for sharing experiences and lessons learned, but for sharing human experiences that will help us deepen climate action.” – COP24 President-designate Michal Kurtyka

“The Talanoa spirit and process is what we need, not just in Fiji, but around the world.” – California Governor Jerry Brown, COP23 Special Envoy for States & Regions


“While the Talanoa Dialogue will end at COP24 in Poland, let us keep the spirit of talanoa alive beyond this” – COP23 Climate Champion Welcome Remarks at CAPP2018

More Speeches

“We cannot allow the term “ambition” to become a cliché, a mantra”

Read COP23 President’s Opening Remarks at CAPP2018

“As Pacific island leaders, we must now show the way forward” 
Read COP23 President’s Opening Remarks at Pacific Talanoa

“Each and every country
should commit to raising ambition on NDCs.”

Read the Closing Remarks Delivered on behalf of Development Partners


“We have looked into the eyes of our NDCs and found them wanting” – COP23 President’s Closing Remarks at CAPP2018

“We need our grand coalition of all actors and all sources of finance to combine and work together” – Fijian Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Climate Change’s Remarks on Climate Finance

“We have long understood the vulnerability of human settlements and fragile ecosystems, and we must now bear witness to the dangerous impacts of climate change.” 
Read the CAPP Opening Speech from the President of Nauru and PSIDS Chair

“With more ambitious NDCs, and scaling up financial and technological support and capacity building, we can achieve the 1.5º target.” 
Read COP23 Climate Champion’s Closing Speech at CAPP2018