Climate Action Pacific Partnership Technical Expert Meeting

15 – 16 March, 2018
Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji

The CAPP Technical Expert Meeting (TEM) will be held at the Holiday Inn in Suva, Fiji on 15 and 16 March 2018.

The meeting is organised by the Fiji COP23 Presidency, under the leadership of the High-Level Climate Champion, and will be the first the technical expert meeting on climate action in the Pacific region.

Participants will largely be technical experts of each of the CAPP thematic groups.

Objectives of the CAPP Technical Expert Meeting

The technical meeting has the following specific objectives –

  1. Discuss Pacific inputs to the Talanoa Dialogue
  2. Reflect on selected main outcomes from the UNFCCC COP23
  3. Present the 2018 work programme of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action and discuss how participation of Pacific experts can be strengthened
  4. Identify Pacific contributions to the Technical Expert Meetings (on adaptation and mitigation) that will be held during the UNFCCC first sessional meeting for 2018 in May
  5. Progress the CAPP Action Plan

Background on the Climate Action Pacific Partnership

Established under the COP23 Presidency in July 2017, the Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) is a coalition of Pacific stakeholders from various thematic and cross-cutting areas, supported by regional and international partners. Whilst the Partnership is largely made up of non-Party stakeholders, there is also the strong presence of Parties, particularly at the technical level.
The CAPP serves to –

  • Create a platform to exchange ideas, technologies, innovations, experiences and challenges among various sectors and stakeholders and to initiate, implement and accelerate climate action in the Pacific
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration between governments and non-Party stakeholders including the private sector, investors, civil society groups and sub-national agencies
  • Contribute to the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action
  • Provide inputs into UNFCCC processes to strengthen Pacific issues

The CAPP is made up of the following thematic expert teams –

  1. Agriculture, Forests and Land Use
  2. Ocean
  3. Water
  4. Health
  5. Gender and climate justice
  6. Climate financing
  7. Low carbon development
  8. Integrating disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable development
  9. Decent work and just transition

The CAPP technical experts come from different organisations and bring in vast experience, skills and knowledge. These technical inputs are valuable in identifying transformative on-the-ground climate actions and innovative approaches and technologies that are relevant, scalable and replicable in our Pacific island countries.

The Partnership is organised under the umbrella of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, the UNFCCC framework for global climate action.