Uniting4Climate – VR/360 Video Pitch Competition

The #Uniting4Climate VR/360-video pitch competition is part of a communications campaign in the lead up to and through COP23 that highlights unity in support of climate solutions; countries, cities, regions, businesses, civil society and individuals are “Uniting for Climate Action”.

This competition invites everyone (18+) who is committed to coming together to reduce the threats to our Planet and intent on creating or multiplying solutions for immediate climate action to send a traditional illustrative video concept together with a written description explaining in detail their plans for the production of a 360-video (Virtual Reality) on how we are “Uniting for Climate Action.”

The video pitch submissions could highlight solutions to overcoming climate threats for vulnerable and coastal communities, supporting ocean and environmental protection, addressing rising and warming oceans, managing fresh water resources, preventing pollution and waste, building smarter and more resilient cities and making the linkages with other climate actions.

The pitch should emphasize the core message: “Uniting for Climate Action”.


VR/360-video pitch entries must be submitted by October 15th.


A Judging Panel will select the winning VR/360-Video pitch entry (<1 min) who will win the opportunity to work with Connect4Climate to transform their proposal into a 360-video (Virtual Reality).
The winners will be presented in November, in Bonn, Germany during COP23.
Winning entries will also receive special recognition at relevant Connect4Climate events, and be prominently featured and promoted through the social media channels of Connect4Climate and Partners.


The Judging Panel will select the winning entries (individuals or teams of up to 5) based on the following equally weighted criteria:

  • Content
  • Innovation and originality
  • Overall impact of the project

In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on the criteria described in (1), then (2), and (3). If there is still a tie, the winner will be selected based on the vote by the Judging Panel President.


  • Popular Vote: Given to the most popular video pitch as determined by the number of likes through the video gallery.
  • Connect4Climate Special Prizes: Selected by Connect4Climate team
  • Other Special Prizes: As determined by the Presenting Partners of the competition


1. The contest is open to individuals and teams. There is a maximum limit of five members for any team
2. Participants submitting videos to the competition must be 18 or older as of August 1st 2017.
3. Individuals and teams can submit as many entries as they would like.
4. Video entries must be created by and owned by the Participants.
5. Video entries can be recorded using all devices available.
6. Video entries are in one category. Participants need to enter VR/360 Video Pitch, up to 1 minute in length.
7. Videos may be recorded in any language, but English subtitles are highly encouraged.
8. Winning entries from the Connect4Climate Photo/Video Competition 2011, Voices4Climate 2012, Action4Climate Short Video Documentary Competition (2014), Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016 may be re-submitted to the Uniting4Climate Competition.
9. Winners will be selected by an External Judging Panel composed of esteemed film, music, communication, innovation and climate professionals.
10. The External Judging Panel will judge the film entries based on the following equally weighted criteria:
  • i. Content: clearness and effectiveness of the video in narrating a story about climate change, promoting action, and/or offering new solutions.
  • ii. Innovation and originality: telling a climate story in a fresh and unusual way, appealing to a broad and diverse audience, and encouraging further thought and action.
  • iii. Overall impact of the project: main impact and effects resulting from the activity on the local social, economic, environmental and other development indicators.
11. Submissions must be received by direct video file upload through the Uniting4Climate Competition platform before the deadline: 11:59 pm EST, October 15, 2017. Do not submit DVDs or Blu-rays. Connect4Climate reserves the right to extend the deadline.
By submitting to #Uniting4Climate VR/360-video pitch Competition you agree that:
  • The information you have submitted is correct.
  • You hereby agree to be bound by the regulations of the Uniting4Climate VR/360-Video Pitch Competition.
  • You have legal right to represent and submit your video to the Uniting4Climate Competition.
  • You are responsible for all copyrights.
  • You have obtained the necessary clearances for people, archive footage and music in the video.
  • Connect4Climate and Partners are allowed to use and change the entries for non-commercial public display.
  • Connect4Climate and the Uniting4Climate Video Competition will not be held responsible for any legal disputes regarding the exhibition of your video.
  • Your video, including all copyrights, remains the property of the author.
Please accept all the Terms and Conditions of the competition available for download in English here .