Lynton Aaron Filia

Solomon Islands

Photographer’s Caption: SOLOMON ISLANDS, North Malaita—The Artificial Islands of Lau lagoon located on the northern region of Malaita province of Solomon Islands are facing impact of climate change. Captured in this photograph is an Artificial Island called Niuleni. This photograph was taken on December 2016 during a trip made to the Island accompanying the community members to launch its clean water and sanitation project. Niuleni Island and other neighboring artificial islands are facing sea level rise and it makes them vulnerable to weather and climate. The islands were built 500 years ago, and to date, the habitat is experiencing sea level rise, which is becoming worse during king tides that sometimes flood the interior of the islands.

Photographer’s Caption: SOLOMON ISLANDS, North Malaita—This is also another artificial island of Lau Lagoon named Adagege. This island was initially inhabited by a family, and they have been there for decades. The changes they have seen from sea level rise is the impact of climate change. They have become vulnerable especially during extreme weather events. Their current needs are proper clean water and sanitation, but due to their isolation and geographical location it is difficult for them to seek assistance. They are worried about what the next five years will bring.

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