COP24 Pavilion

A Pacific Partnership: Fiji’s COP23 Presidency, with support from New Zealand, will host the Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion in Katowice, Poland from 2 to 14 December, 2018.


Koronivia is the name of the joint work plan on agriculture agreed to at COP23 in a historic breakthrough in the negotiations. The agreement is now helping countries develop and implement new strategies for adaptation and mitigation within the sector, to both reduce emissions as well as build resilience to the effects of climate change. As such, agriculture is one of the key themes that will be highlighted by the events at the pavilion.

Another thematic focus is oceans, following the launch of the Ocean Pathway Partnership by the Fijian Presidency at COP23 last year. The Partnership, co-chaired by Fiji and Sweden, aims to forge a stronger link between oceans and climate, by both highlighting how climate change impacts marine ecosystems, as well as clarifying the critical role oceans can play in regulating climate and sequestering carbon.

The events at the Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion will be organised in the spirit of the Talanoa Dialogue. The Pacific has introduced the concept of talanoa to the world as a new tool for global climate diplomacy. This inclusive approach is critical for building trust, searching for common solutions and ultimately spurring increased ambition and action. The events at the pavilion will contribute to this global conversation and help inform the important political discussions that will be taking place at the COP.

Keeping warming to 1.5 degrees above the temperature of pre-industrial age is vital for the life, lifestyles and livelihoods of Pacific peoples and those living in vulnerable communities around the world. For some of us, climate change threatens our very existence. Simply put, the collective commitments to reduce emissions are not adequate and have us on a path to at least 3 degrees of warming by the end of the century. This would spell catastrophe not only for our region, but for every single human on earth. Keeping warming to 1.5 degrees is technically possible, but will require an unprecedented global mobilsation and strong political leadership and support for emissions to peak as soon as possible, to be rapidly declining by 2030, and to reach net zero by 2050. 

The Pacific is demonstrating global leadership by working with partners to bring about transformative, scale-able solutions to strengthen resilience and to further draw down our already minimal emissions – and many of the events in the pavilion will highlight these efforts. This is particularly true when it comes to oceans and agriculture. However, as a region, we are still in need of new, transformative solutions and investments that will help us build greater resilience, particularly within our agricultural sectors; that promote the health of our ocean and recognise the critical role oceans can play in regulating climate and sequestering carbon; and that support sustainable development in our countries.

Programme and Guidelines

To view the programme visit this page. Download the event guidelines on the Pavilion app or at this page.

Pavilion Info Brief

Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion & Venue Map


The Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion is located at the International Conference Centre (MCK) on the ground floor of Pavilion E next to the EU. The Pavilion will be jointly managed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the CROP Plus agencies of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat through the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner, Pacific Community and the Pacific Islands Development Forum.

Helpful links

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