Details Released for Participating in Talanoas at May Sessions in Bonn

The COP23 and COP24 Presidencies have released the details for how to participate in the talanoa discussions that will take place at the May sessions in Bonn, Germany, from 29 April to 10 May, as part of the Talanoa Dialogue.

The details released today explain the registration process for Parties, as well as the selection process for non-Party stakeholders.

Details on how to participate in any of the Talanoa groups can be found:

  • Here for Parties
  • Here for non-Party stakeholders

In short, Talanoa Groups will be set up and will work in parallel to address each of the three questions at a time. The questions will be taken up in sequence, so that all six parallel Talanoa groups will consider the same question at the same time: (1) Where are we?; (2) Where do we want to go?; (3) How do we get there?
Each Talanoa group will consist of about 35 participants: 30 Party representatives and 5 non-Party stakeholder representatives.

A total of 90 seats (30 for each question under consideration) will be made available for non-Party stakeholders to represent organization(s) or coalition(s) that can tell stories that effectively contribute to the three questions of Talanoa Dialogue.