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The Case Against Geoengineering: How to Build a Fair Future in a 1.5 Degree World

@ 13:00 - 14:00

Categories: Talanoa Space Events

Location: Talanoa Space (Bonn Zone)

Organiser: MISEREOR, Klima-Allianz, BUND, Böll Stiftung

Event Notes: In the Paris agreement the heads of state and government of 195 nations have agreed to finally tackle climate change and to strive to limit global warming to 2 degrees at the most. We know that in order to do so, we must radically reduce our emissions, and reach the target of zero net emissions by the middle of the century. That means leaving the coal, oil and gas in the ground and a radical transformation of our energy sector, our agricultural model, our transport systems and infrastructure – a mammoth task. A small group of scientists have now claimed they found a silver bullet: we can deliberately manipulate the climate on a large, climate changing scale for the better. But it’s not that simple: these scientists are dreaming of  applying technological solutions to what really is a socio-economic crisis: a global economy that runs on fossil fuels, growing consumption, linear economic production chains, unsustainable industrial agriculture, thereby devastating and depleting the world’s ecosystems. Geoengineering is not the solution, it just masks the problem and distracts us from real solutions: we could reduce emissions now, rather than finding ways to compensate them with technologies that carry new and even worse problems and risks.