Lowering Ambition is not an Option

Lowering ambitions on Nationally Determined Contributions, the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) countries were told, is not an option for countries on the front line of climate change.

Fiji’s chief negotiator, Luke Daunivalu, speaking at the Meeting of Ministers of HAC in Berlin, Germany yesterday said the current trajectory of global warming under existing NDCs is not giving these countries much assurance.

The current NDCs will not take warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre- industrial age but instead is headed for an increase of at least 3 degrees by the end of the century.

The HAC meeting was held a day prior to the 9th Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin to iron out these issues and hear what these countries were doing towards their NDCs.

Mr Daunivalu said the current NDCs were “really the baseline which was why we need high ambition and particularly in making things that are working to work even better and enhance efforts in tackling climate change”.

The HAC meeting, chaired by the Marshall Islands Minister for Environment David Paul, deliberated on how to raise ambition on NDCs, identify gaps and the outcome of using the Talanoa Dialogue as a tool to garner consensus on the implementation guideline for the Paris Agreement.

The chief negotiator told the representatives of HAC countries that “the Talanoa dialogue was creating its own momentum “particularly in recognising the efforts of every individual person, stakeholders and organisations as well as Governments in coming together to address this global threat”.

The delegates also raised concern on the lack of progress in developing implementation guidelines with the 24th Conference of Parties just six months away but maintained that the Paris Agreement in its entirety must be applied.