How to Organise an Event in Support of the Talanoa Dialogue

Parties and non-Party stakeholders are encouraged to cooperate to convene local, national, regional and global events in support of the Talanoa Dialogue, in order to organise, strategise and consolidate their contributions.

Event organisers should inform the COP23 and COP24 Presidencies, through the UNFCCC secretariat, of any such event in advance so that information about the event can be made available on the Talanoa Dialogue Online Platform. Please send emails to talanoadialogue@unfccc.int.

To be eligible for inclusion on the Platform, your efforts must be in the spirit of Talanoa, be relevant to at least one of the three central questions of the Talanoa Dialogue, and should support the goal of helping implement and increase ambition in NDCs.

Event organisers are also invited to show support for the Talanoa Dialogue by using the Talanoa Dialogue for Climate Ambition logo on marketing materials, websites and social media accounts. Please indicate your interest in receiving the logo when you contact the secretariat about your event. All events included on the Platform will be eligible to use the logo.

Of course, support for the Talanoa Dialogue can come in many other forms, including making a submission to the online platform, or otherwise helping to spread the COP23 and COP24 Presidencies’ call for maximum ambition and maximum action. In these cases, you are also invited to request use of the logo. To do so, please send a note to the email address listed above, which provides the name of your organisation, relevant contact details and a brief explanation of how you are supporting, or intend to support, the goal of maximum ambition in implementing and improving NDCs.