Pacific Climate Activists Demonstrate Support for Decisive Climate Action at CAPP Event

Climate Activists Gathered In Albert Park in Suva, during the opening ceremony of the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Event to call for decisive climate action by Pacific leaders.

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Matisse Walkden-Brown, Head of the Pacific for Greenpeace.


Early on the morning Monday July 3rd, climate activists gathered in Albert Park, Suva, Fiji to loudly and proudly hold rainbow flags covered with messages of climate justice, strength and ambition for the high-level attendees of the COP23 Secretariat’s, Climate Action Pacific Partnerships conference (CAPP).

The dawn standing march, organised by the Pacific Island Climate Action Network (PICAN), was a colourful show of Pacific Island civil society support for the Pacific Leaders in tackling the root causes of climate change, and implementing real and timely solutions.

The march, which had a turn out of around 100 activists, including Fiji’s High-Level Climate Champion, Minister Inia Seruiratu and Hollywood movie star, Shailene Woodley, showcased realistic, achievable and manageable progressive policies that would help the planet avoid complete climate chaos.

The posters highlighted positive solutions to climate change, including the possible new economies, new technologies, and new policy models around renewable energy, as well as ways to action the promised phase out from fossil fuel dependency.

The international community is proving time and time again that it is receptive to the Pacific being a torchbearer in this field.

Pacific Islanders are not just victims of climate change.

Pacific islanders, as custodians of large ocean states, are powerful moral leaders paving the way into the new, safe, just and sustainable world, for all life on earth.

Matisse Walkden-Brown, Head of the Pacific for Greenpeace, organiser of the event and PICAN member, said:

“It’s still possible to avoid climate chaos. We want to remind our Pacific leaders of that. There are still options, decisions, ahead, that can and will, change the course of history. Our leaders have our local support to make those ambitious choices. We stand firmly behind their bravery. Fiji is the President of the Conference of Parties this year – we can be as progressive as our political representatives allow. The Pacific doesn’t have to be silent, censored or sidelined. We cannot. This is our time! This is a COP for the people, not the polluters.”

Noelene Nabulivou of DIVA for Equality, the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) Liaison to the COP23 Presidency said:

“This is a time for solid proposals, real courage and political will. The peoples of the world including from climate frontline states here in the Pacific, cannot afford any less. People from diverse backgrounds are here inside and outside this crucial meeting because this is about our survival and future.”