Pacific Gathers to Talanoa for Greater Resilience, Urgency and Ambition

The second annual Climate Action Pacific Partnership Conference will officially kick off in Suva tomorrow, 26 July, when Pacific leaders will join representatives from Pacific business, Pacific civil society, science and the global investment community to discuss how to strengthen the region’s resilience to the impacts of climate change and further reduce its already low carbon emissions.

The two-day CAPP event is part of a program of activities of the High-Level Champions appointed under the Paris Agreement and is hosted once again by Fiji’s High-Level Champion, Minister Inia Seruiratu.

“Our ultimate objective with the CAPP is to help mobilise the partnerships and investment needed to accelerate climate action in the Pacific that not only increases our own resiliency, but also supports global efforts to keep the temperature increase to within 1.5 degrees Celsius and to achieve ​more resilient ​economies with net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible,” said Minister Seruiratu.

This year’s CAPP will also host the Pacific leaders’ Talanoa, which will serve as the region’s contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue – a process being undertaken by the global community in 2018 to help countries implement and enhance their national climate commitments. The leaders will be joined by non-governmental representatives who will share ideas, innovations and experiences from the business, investment, civil society and scientific communities.

“This is a critical opportunity for the Pacific to send strong and unified messages about the need for greater resilience, ambition and urgency, both within our region, but also at the global level. We are very much looking forward to the exchange of ideas, innovations, and solutions – at the Talanoa and during the CAPP more broadly – that highlight the opportunities and challenges in regards to the action and investment we need to reach net-zero emissions as soon as possible, protect our ocean and strengthen the resilience of Pacific countries,” the Minister said.

CAPP 2018 will bring together around 300 participants from a broad array of sectors and organisations, coming from the Pacific region and internationally. Heads of Government in attendance will include the President​s​ of Nauru and ​the Prime Ministers of Vanuatu, Tuvalu and the Cook Islands​, with senior ministerial or government representation from other Pacific countries​. ​Senior r​epresentatives from Australia, New Zealand and Canada will also be present.

The outcomes of these events, including from this CAPP Conference, will help guide the global political leaders’ Talanoa Dialogue at COP24, which will be co-chaired by Fiji and Poland.

The Partnership is organised under the umbrella of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, the UNFCCC framework for global climate action.