A Call for Partnership

The COP23 Presidency seeks partners willing to share the responsibility of bringing the world together in Bonn in November and for the necessary preparatory meetings. The Government of the Republic of Fiji has established a trust fund to finance the management of the conference and seeks support from governments, financial institutions, charitable foundations, corporations and NGOs. This support is indispensable in enabling all nations of the world to be represented at COP23, to participate fully in the development of the agenda for the conference, and to have a voice in the outcomes of the conference.

The Fijian Presidency has adopted a sound budget and a transparent system of accountability for this trust fund. To ensure transparency, the financial statements of the Fund will be publicly available on this website, and the Fund will be managed by the finance director of the COP23 Presidency Secretariat. The Trustees of the Fund must follow the Fijian Government’s Procurement Regulations 2010 in respect to all purchases, must report on the activities and expenditure of the Fund, must ensure that six-monthly financial statements are submitted to the Ministry of Economy to enable the Minister for Economy to prepare a report every six months, and must ensure that all records are properly maintained. Read the complete Financial Policy Guidelines.

As we continue to actively pursue new partnerships, we gratefully acknowledge the support of our current partners:

The Commonwealth of Australia

The People’s Republic of China

The European

The Federal Republic of Germany

The Government of New Zealand

The Kingdom of Spain

The United States of America

The Kingdom of Belgium

The Republic of India

Asian Development Bank

The United Kingdom

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Republic of Korea


Italian Republic

Official Partner Label

If your organisation has provided financial or in-kind support to the COP23 Presidency, it is eligible to use the Official Parter Label in marketing material.


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COP23 Financial Policy Guidelines