Presidency Releases Guidance for Parties on Talanoa Dialogue Inputs

Since the launch of the Talanoa Dialogue at the beginning of the year, the Fijian and Polish Presidencies have received requests from Parties and non-Party stakeholders for guidance on how to approach the three questions of the Dialogue.

In response to this request, the Fijian and Polish Presidencies have released guidance for Parties today, following the guidance for non-Party stakeholders released last week.

Our intention is to provide generic questions under each overarching question of the Dialogue as guidance to Parties. With a view to having a fruitful dialogue which is constructive, facilitative, solutions-oriented and in which no individual Parties or groups of Parties are singled out, we encourage Parties and non-Party stakeholders to address these questions from their own perspective. We invite everyone, from their own standpoint, to reflect on where they are, where they want to go and how will they get there.

The additional guiding questions provided are optional and are put forward in an effort to assist Parties and non-Party Stakeholders in formulating their stories and making submissions. Parties may consider these questions but are not obliged to answer them specifically.