Christine Fung – Special Adviser to the Climate Champion

Christine Fung is the Land Use Planning and Facilitation Specialist and the Deputy Team Leader for the SPC/GIZ Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region Programme

She serves as the special adviser to the High-Level Climate Champion in how to implement the Global Climate Action Agenda.

Ms. Fung has extensive work experience in the Pacific Island region, spanning more than sixteen years. She has worked in twelve countries in the Pacific, in the areas of sustainable forest management, sustainable land management, land use planning and climate change adaptation.

In Fiji, Ms. Fung has advised on the National Climate Change Policy, the National REDD+ Policy, the National Rural Land Use Policy, and the draft National Relocation Guidelines. She has been a technical adviser on REDD+ for Fiji since the inception of the national REDD+ programme in 2009. She is actively involved in on-the-ground implementation of adaptation and land use planning activities with local communities.

Prior to working with GIZ, Ms. Fung worked as an exploration geologist and was a Junior Fellow with the Institute of Applied Sciences of the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. She has a background in Earth Science and Climate Change and is an alumni of the Centre for International Postgraduate studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM), Technical University of Dresden.