Timoci & Shalvi – Fiji’s Youngest Climate Stars


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Fijian Students Speak at COP23

Timoci Naulusala and 10-year-old Shalvi Shakshi are at the COP23 conference with their parents after winning a speech competition in Fiji.

A Unicef Pacific spokesperson said the students had seen first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change in Fiji from Cyclone Winston.

Sheldon Yett said they were now educating their peers on how to prepare for disasters and their stories would move everyone who hears them speak this week in Bonn.

Climate Change Will Determine Humanity’s Destiny, Says Angela Merkel

Merkel, Guterres and Macron were almost upstaged by the first speech of the high-level session, given by 12-year-old Timoci Naulusala from Fiji, without any hint of nerves. Referring to the impact of Cyclone Winston in 2016, he said: “My home, my school, sources of food, money, water, were totally destroyed. My once beautiful village, which I called home, is a barren waste. Climate change is real, not a dream.”

Frank Bainimarama, Fiji’s prime minister and president of the summit, said: “We are not simply negotiating words on a page, but we are representing all our people and the places they call home.”